December 17, 2018
  • 10:58 am Top 5 Social Media Automation Tools for 2018, Content Marketer Should Know
  • 12:13 pm How to Create Google WMT Account
  • 12:01 pm What is Flipboard? And How to Get Traffic on your Blogs or Websites?

In this digital world, a million websites are running on the server worldwide and all people want to try to generate traffic on blogs or website in short time periods but in this competitive world, this is not an easy task for everyone. If we are getting good traffic on websites or blogs, we need to make a good plan and strategy to achieving this goal.  Being a Digital Marketer I’m going to explain What is Flipboard? and how to generate traffic from Flipboard? I’m using this tools from last 3 month and get 6,000 traffic till. According to my research and experience, we should use this tools strategically kindly follow all steps carefully. Now let’s focus on the topic.

What is Flipboard?

You need great content to be better at what you do and understand your world – whether you’re a programmer or developer, obsessed with new technologies all over the world. Flipboard collects quality content on your favorite topics from the world’s most trusted sources and presents them in a beautiful magazine format. You can try Flipboard yourself on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. User Interface(UI) of the Flipboard is very easy and user-friendly anyone access anywhere and collect your favorite topics in a single place.

So now after reading about Flipboard above few questions are arises in our mind which are, how to use Flipboard? and How to generate traffic from the Flipboard? So, now we will go to the interesting world of Flipboard where we can know about all types of categories blogs which are your favourite. Let’s start, please follow all steps carefully below.

There is a saying, 1st impression is the last impression, So firstly you need to create a strong and attractive profile using some basic and needed information related to you and your profession means explain yourself properly in a short word which is important to you and your’s interest. You need to upload a high quality professional picture in your profile(If you create business profile you can use your company Logo .