December 17, 2018
  • 10:58 am Top 5 Social Media Automation Tools for 2018, Content Marketer Should Know
  • 12:13 pm How to Create Google WMT Account
  • 12:01 pm What is Flipboard? And How to Get Traffic on your Blogs or Websites?

Google webmaster account is very important tool for website. Using this tool we can check website performance and keep maintain it according to google guidelines. Google provide this tools, It is absolutely free  for everyone. As well as Google provide many features in the webmaster tools related  to SEO. So WMT is a very important part of SEO.


Now I am going to explain how to create google webmaster account step by step follow all step below.


Step 1-  First of all we need a google account for creating a webmaster. If you have a gmail account then go to  After opening it you will go the below page and click on sign in “Search console button”

Step 2- After clicking the button you’ll go to the below page (Sign Page). This the google webmaster sign page you need gmail account(Email-ID) and password for login.

Step 3- After login, go to the 3rd step where you’ll add your website. See the below image put  the your website url in the text box and then click on “Add Property Button”

Step 4-  After click clicking the Add Property Button,You’ll reach the below page . This is the verify ownership page. Webmaster account will not work until the account is verified. Next, you’ll need to verify that the site is yours. You’ll be given a number of options, but the easiest way is to verify via your GA account.

We’ll go to the first option “HTML file upload”. Select the html file option and click on the file download link. After downloading the file upload in the root folder, completing the upload process click on the verify button.

Now your webmaster account is ready.

If do you have sitemap you can easily add sitemap easily using WMT account, If  don’t have sitemap firstly create. You can learn my previous blog How to Create sitemap, We have explain all steps one by one in this blog you can easily create.